Suzhou Xingshuo Nanotech is a national high-tech company with the core technology of quantum dot materials. We focuse on the new structure design, controllable large-scale preparation and application of Qdots. Targeting in the display market, we mainly develope high-quality quantum dot materials, flat panel display backlight application and light emitting diode application. We provide customers with the critical materials of quantum dot and customized application services to promote the technology upgrading of national display and lighting industry. 

Through 16 years of research development , we have formed a series of core products including Qdot materials, Qdot glue, QLED Qdot ink, and the independent intellectual property rights of Qdot core technology. Due to the excellent property of high quantum efficiency, strong stability and pure emission spectrum, our products have been widely used by hundreds of universities , institutes, and organizations in the areas of display and life science etc around the world.