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Magnetic microsphere Carboxyl magnetic beads

Product specification:5/10mL

Product concentration:10mg/mL

Product Size:100-300nm Controllable


Carboxyl magnetic beads have the characteristics of superparamagnetic, fast magnetic response and good monodispersity. Uniform size, with the nature of photonic crystals, magnetic beads of different particle diameters show different structural colors under the magnetic field. The unique surface rough structure and polymer modification make the carboxyl magnetic beads have high carboxyl density and protein load. At the same time, the carboxyl magnetic beads have the characteristics of not easy to settle, good redispersibility, good pH and temperature stability, etc., to ensure the compounding requirements of the aging experiment and accelerated experiment of reagent development; in addition, the carboxyl magnetic beads have small batch-to-batch differences and stable process The characteristics of high experiment repetition rate can meet the requirements of industrial and scientific research users.

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Carboxyl magnetic beads

SpecificationConcentrationParticle sizeElectric potentialCarboxyl contentMagnetic contentStorage Product ID
10ml 30mg/ml 200nm -35mv 0.1mm/g >90% 4℃ Carboxyl magnetic beads
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