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Magnetic microsphere Silicon hydroxyl magnetic beads

Product concentration:20mg/mL

Product Size:100-300nm

PDI:0.024 ±0.007


Nucleic acid extraction silicon hydroxyl magnetic beads, with surface chemical properties similar to silica gel, uniform size, high binding efficiency with DNA and RNA, and good repeatability. The magnetic content is high, the magnetic response speed is fast, the separation effect is good, the superparamagnetic has no residue, and can be reused. Widely used for nucleic acid extraction of samples such as plants, plasmids, soil, blood, saliva, tissues, etc. It can cooperate with automatic nucleic acid extraction equipment for high-throughput and automatic operation.

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Silicon hydroxyl magnetic beads

SpecificationSilicon layer thicknessMagnetic contentConcentration Product ID
100-300m Controllable 20nm-50nm Controllable >80% 20mg/ml Silicon hydroxyl magnetic beads
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