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Polystyrene microspheres

Product specification:100mL

Product concentration:100mg/mL

Product Size:200-500nm Controllable


The polystyrene microsphere product has an ideal monodisperse morphology, there is no impurity phase, the difference between batches is small, and the repetition rate is high. The product has the characteristics of easy surface modification, strong adsorption and easy centrifugal separation. Through further surface modification, PS microspheres can be coupled with fluorescent molecules, streptavidin, proteins, nucleic acid probe molecules, etc., used for latex-enhanced immunoturbidimetry determination, liquid phase chip, cell labeling, protein separation, Drug carrier, separation column packing, cell separation, cell culture, etc. In addition, PS microspheres can also be used as templates, measurement standards, additives, etc.

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Polystyrene (PS) microspheres

SpecificationSizeDispersion mediumConcentrationStorage Product ID
100ml 500nm ±30 nm water 100mg/ml Normal temperature seal / 12 months Polystyrene (PS) microspheres
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