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Zn (Mg) O

Zn (Mg) O is often used as an electronic transportation material for various light-emitting devices due to its wide band gap (3.7 eV), weak absorption of visible light (transmittance exceeding 98%) and high binding energy. Doping Mg to adjust the forbidden band width, change the electron injection barrier, promote the injection balance of electrons and holes, and improve the luminous efficiency.

ZnMgO of Mesolight can improve the barrier of electron injection and the injection of balanced carriers. With QDs of Mesolight, red, green, and blue QLEDs prepared by spin-coating nanoparticle ZnMgO solution, the external quantum efficiency exceeds 18% 15%, 8%.

The external quantum efficiency (EQE) is the data measured after ZnMgO is made into a device (QLED) with the corresponding QD.


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SolventParticle SizeConcentrationNPs Amount Product ID
Ethanol ≈5nm 25 mg /mL 50 mg Zn(Mg)O-50
Ethanol ≈5nm 25 mg/mL 100 mg Zn(Mg)O-100
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