Quantum Dots Microspheres


By embedding the quantum dots in the inorganic material, Mesolight microspheres can make the quantum dots less susceptible to the influence of the external environment, and significantly improve the stability and detection sensitivity. With hydrophilic coated of the surface, Mesolight microspheres is an excellent material for high-sensitivity biological detection, which has good biocompatibility and low non-specific adsorption.

Quantum Dots Microspheres

Typical Performance

Quantum Dot Fluorescent Microspheres &  TEM of Quantum Dot Fluorescent Microspheres.jpg

UV-Visible Absorption & Fluorescence Emission Spectrum.jpg

DLS zeta.jpg

Immunochromatographic Application of QDs Microspheres.jpg

Detail Parameters



CdSe/ZnS, SiO2

Surface Group



2.2 g/cm3

Particle Size

200±15 nm

PL Emission (photoluminescence)

615±10 nm / 525±10 nm

Excitation wavelength

300-480 nm  / 300-550 nm


< 25 nm


> 85%

Solid Content1 (w/v)% deionized water
Storagein an airtight container at 2-8°C, no freezen

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