QLED Ink for IJP


The IJP process is simple and easy to prepare large-size panels, which has become the mainstream technology in the manufacture of display panels. Mesolight has been focusing on research and development of QLED IJP inks and printing processes for many years.BOE first printed and prepared 5/14-inch AMQLED displays who appeared at SID 2017 International Exhibition and won the "2017 Best Display Show" award by using our QLED QDs and ZnO inks.We also provide customers with related supporting products, services and process solutions. We actively cooperates with panel manufacturers for ink development,printing process debugging and printing equipment rental services.

QLED Ink for IJP

Typical Performance

Detail Parameters

Cd-based QDs IJP Ink
ColorPL EmissionFWHMQYViscositySurface TensionConcentrationCat NO.
Blue465±5nm<25nm>65%5.5±1.0mPa.s29.0±1.5mN/m30±5mg/mlCd-based QDs Ink-465
Green525±5nm<25nm>80%5.5±1.0mPa.s29.0±1.5mN/m30±5mg/mlCd-based QDs Ink-525
Red625±5nm<28nm>85%5.5±1.0mPa.s29.0±1.5mN/m30±5mg/mlCd-based QDs Ink-625

InP-based QDs IJP Ink
ColorPL EmissionFWHMQYViscositySurface TensionConcentrationCat NO.
Green525±10nm<45nm>70%5.5±1.0mPa.s29.0±1.5mN/m30±5mg/mlInP-based QDs Ink-525
Red625±10nm<45nm>70%5.5±1.0mPa.s29.0±1.5mN/m30±5mg/mlInP-based QDs Ink-625

Surface TensionConcentrationViscosityCat NO.
28.0±1.5mN/m40±5mg/ml6.0±1.0mPa.sZn(MgO) Ink

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