QDCC Ink for IJP


QDCC Ink of Mesolight is refined from a variety of materials such as QDs with special surface treatment, UV curing polymer resin, light scattering particles, etc.It is suitable for preparing new generation display devices such as QD-OLED, QD-mLED, and QDCF-LCD.
In 2019, Mesolight cooperated with domestic display companies for inkjet printing to prepare a 6 inch QD-OLED prototype and appeared at the international exhibition which won the attention of the industry.

QDCC Ink for IJP

Typical Performance

Detail Parameters

Cd-based QDCC IJP Ink
ColorPL EmissionFWHMQY450nm AbsEQECat No.
Blue460nm<25nm>80%OD=0.1~0.2/um30-40%Cd-based QDCC IJP Ink-460
Cyan480nmCd-based QDCC IJP Ink-480
Green530nmOD=0.1~0.3/um40-50%Cd-based QDCC IJP Ink-530
Yellow580nmCd-based QDCC IJP Ink-580
Red630nmCd-based QDCC IJP Ink-630

InP-based QDCC IJP Ink
ColorPL EmissionFWHMQY450nm AbsEQECat No.
>70%OD=~0.1/um30-40%InP-based QDCC IJP Ink-525
Red630nm>70%OD=~0.2/um30-40%InP-based QDCC IJP Ink-630

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