QD-PR Solution


QD-PR solution of Mesolight is made of various materials such as QDs, PGMEA, photoresist and other special surface treatment. It's stable and resistant to photolithography process which can maintain a certain conversion efficiency and achieve patterning. It shows high emission spectrum purity and light conversion efficiency, large emission spectrum range and extinction coefficient, good film formation, more product types, high solid content, high compatibility. It is suitable for the preparation of new generation display devices such as QD-OLED, QD-mLED, QDCF-LCD, etc.

QD-PR Solution

Typical Performance


Detail Parameters

Cd-based QD-PRFilm Performance
(nm / nm / %)
QDs Amount
(% wt)
450 nm AbsEQE
R630 / < 30 / > 8010-40OD> 0.2/um-50
G525 / < 25 / > 8010-40OD> 0.2/um-45
InP-based QD-PRFilm Performance
R630 / < 45 / > 7010-40%OD> 0.2/um-35
G525 / < 40 / > 7010-40%OD> 0.1/um-35

InP-based QD-PR
ColorPL EmissionFWHMQYConcentration450nm AbsEQEAmountProduct ID
Green525nm<40nm>70%10-40%wtOD>0.1/um~35%2/5/10 mlInP-based QD PR-525
Red630nm<45nm>70%10-40%wtOD>0.2/um~35%InP-based QD PR-630

Cd-based QD-PR
ColorPL EmissionFWHMQYConcentration450nm AbsEQEAmountProduct ID
Green525nm<25nm>80%10-40%wtOD>0.2/um~45%2/5/10 mlCd-based QD PR-525
Red630nm<30nm>80%10-40%wtOD>0.2/um~50%Cd-based QD PR-630

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