The First Generation Technology: Quantum Dot Enhancement Film(QDEF)

With the new generation of nano-semiconductor quantum dot materials and high-performance polymer materials, combined with remote excitation technology, Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) can convert blue light into bright green light and red light and gain pure white light source which has the advantages of wide color gamut, good color performance, high reliability, low energy consumption, and low cost.

It can be widely used in display and mobile phone and other terminal products, significantly improve display color gamut, improve the color effect , restore the real world.


The Second Generation Technology: Quantum Dot Color Filter(QDCC)

Quantum Dot Color Filter (QDCC) technology replaces the photoresist material of traditional color filter with quantum dots which realizes the pixelation through photolithography or printing process and excites composite through blue backlight Realize colorful color rendering. QDCC can be combined with traditional LED and LCD to achieve higher display brightness, higher color expression and color gamut range; It also can be combined with Micro-LED and OLED to achieve ultra-thin and flexible display. 


The Third generation technology: quantum dot led (QLED)

Quantum Dots Light Emitting Diode Display (QLED) is a kind of thin film light-emitting device with a novel structure, which realizes the emission of Quantum Dots layer by electron excitation. It has the advantages of wide color gamut, high brightness, long life, fast response, ultra-thin, low energy consumption, high purity, high quality and so on. QLED effectively avoids the defects of cold white light in blue LED and the shortcomings of unstable luminescence, color untunable and complex operation process in organic light-emitting diode (OLED). It can realize flexible display and more display application scenarios and become the main direction of the development of the new generation of display technology.


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