Highly Stable Red Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes with Long T95 Operation Lifetimes

2020.11.08View : 1522

ABSTRACT: Quantum dot light-emitting diodes (QLEDs) with an excellent external quantum effiffifficiency (EQE) and an excellent lifetime almost meet the requirements for low-brightness displays. However, the short operation lifetime under high brightness limits the application of QLEDs in outdoor displays and lightings. Herein, we report a highly effiffifficient, stable red QLED using co-doped lithium and magnesium as well as a magnesium oxide shell-coated zinc oxide nanoparticle layer as an electron transport layer (ETL). The optimized QLED has a high peak EQE of 20.6%, a low effiffifficiency roll-offff at high current, and a remarkably long lifetime T95 of >11000 h at 1000 cd m−2 , which is an indication of the realization of the most stable red QLED to date. The improvement in the long term stability of the QLED is attributed to the use of a co-doped and shell-coated zinc oxide ETL with a reduced level of electron injection to improve the charge balance in the device.


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